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We connect human creativity, imagination and expertise to help shape the wearable solutions of the future

Wearin’™ develops and delivers integrated ecosystems of professional wearable solutions that enhance safety and improve performance. As part of the Fischer Connectors Group, Wearin’ combines the agility of a start-up with the expertise of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rugged connectivity solutions for harsh environments. With a global network of specialized partners in wearables, data, garments and other fields, we break the silos of product development to help create comprehensive, rugged and reliable wearable ecosystems.

With headquarters in Switzerland, our team of experts is passionate about leveraging the collective genius of our customers and partners to unleash infinite possibilities for human-centered innovation.

We’re putting humans at the heart of wearable technology.

Our mission is to improve human lives, safety and performance by helping create the professional wearable solutions of the future.

We believe that creating life-saving wearable solutions should be easier. We know that human lives depend on turning our customers’ ideas into real solutions, faster. That’s why we’re on a mission to be a catalyst, breaking product silos and providing holistic wearable ecosystems that maximize safety and performance.

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65+ years of human-centered innovation

Wearin’ is part of the Fischer Connectors Group, a global leader in rugged connectivity solutions for harsh environments. 

We draw on Fischer Connectors65+ years of experience designing and manufacturing connectors and cable assembly solutions for rugged applications. Renowned for their reliability, durability and performance, Fischer Connectors’ solutions help customers across industries and around the world develop and produce high-performance devices and ecosystems.

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We’re passionate about solving complex challenges by connecting the dots and creating human-centered wearable solutions.

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