Were putting wearables to work.

Improve human safety and productivity with connected wearable sensors and devices

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Improve human safety and performance with connected wearable technology

Wearin’ integrates sensors into professional garments enabling organizations to capture real-time field data.

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Wearin’ protects and enhances human lives at work.

Wearin’ integrates connected wearables and portable sensors into workers and soldiers’ day-to-day equipment, increasing their safety, health and productivity.

Wearin’s technology is used by industry operators, lone workers, soldiers, security officers, policemen, firefighters, and first responders in oil, gas, security, construction, agriculture, railways, airports, manufacturing, and other high-risk activities.

Harness the power of wearable technology.

With industry 4.0 and connected soldiers’ programs, organizations must digitalize their field operations. There is a flow of innovative wearable sensors reaching the market, such as for:

  • advanced biosensing
  • biometrics measurements
  • indoor and outdoor geolocalization
  • RTLS
  • social distancing
  • gas detection
  • fall detection
  • collision prevention.

Leveraging these wearable, IOT-enabled sensors can saves lives, protect health and improve performance. Meanwhile, data privacy and protection, including GDPR compliance, are key for adoption.

The Wearin' concept combines modular, integrated sensors with secure, cloud-based data analysis, creating AI-driven, real-time insights for users and organizations alike.

Wearin’ is a spin-off of Fischer Connectors, the market leader in reliable, durable and performant connectivity solutions with 65+ years of experience designing and manufacturing connectors and cable assembly. 

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