Wearable ecosystems as unique as the lives they protect and enhance

At Wearin’, we design and develop human-centered wearable connectivity solutions that integrate seamlessly into garments and other gear thanks to our proprietary “plug and play” connectivity and power management system.

Our solutions are designed to augment safety and operational performance by increasing mobility, improving user experience and providing an evolutive modular platform that is easy to adapt to future use cases.

Enhanced usability

Integrated plugs built directly into devices eliminate heavy external wires and maximize ease of use in the field.

Reduced weight

A single, central power source optimizes power management and replaces multiple battery types for each individual device.

Easy maintenance

A distributed data and power BUS is easy to maintain and upgrade with new components.

Ready-to-use, modular or customized

Our solutions are modular, evolutionary and customizable to meet any requirement around functionality and specific use cases.

Augmented Wear’ is our standard, ready-to-use integrated solution. Depending on your specific needs, we can add to or modify it.

StandardPre-defined started kit
UpgradeModify or add existing components (standard options)

Your Wear’ is our fully custom solution. From ideation to prototyping, testing to deployment, we help turn your idea into a tailor-made wearable solution for the connected human.

UpgradeDefine new component (custom options)
CustomFull Custom